We knew SpongeBob was going to be great, but nobody expected this! During the original run of the show I wrote and storyboarded 25 animated shorts and a live-action Patchy the Pirate wraparound sequence, directing most of them. It was a fantastic working experience with the most talented bunch of artists, writers and actors imaginable.

(With Bill Reiss)


• Big Pink Loser

• Bubble Buddy

• Patty Hype

• Life of Crime

• I'm Your Biggest Fanatic

• Pressure

  1. Krusty Love

(With Dan Povenmire)


• The Fry Cook Games

  1. Graveyard Shift

  2. Sandy, Spongebob

  3. and the Worm

• The Camping Episode

(With Sam Henderson)


• Summer of Sponge

• Just One Bite

• Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 4

• Can You Spare a Dime

• Squilliam Returns

• Rock-a-bye Bivalve

• Clams

• Plankton's Army

• Patchy the Pirate in The Lost Episode

(With Chuck Klein)


• Hall Monitor

• Opposite Day

• Valentine's Day

• Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 2

• The Paper

• Neptune's Spatula

(Storyboard Only)

•Reef Blowers